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Street Melancholy

“In the gentle embrace of street melancholy, moments quietly unfold and save the sad beauty of a passing world. Worth capturing is not the sadness per se, but the brief moment that embodies a sad but beautiful transience.

“Street Melancholy” is a black-and-white collection of street portraits that highlights fleeting emotions. In today’s fast-paced world dominated by social media, where we can barely separate ourselves from our cell phones, genuine human interactions are often overlooked.

As a street photographer, I aim to capture these unnoticed emotions, focusing particularly on melancholy. My technique involves motion blur to create unstaged atmospheric portraits, which I call “Urban Ghosts“. Black and white photography is intended to further emphasize the melancholy mood.

„Street Melancholy“ is my way to render emotions of our fellows visible once more, even they are transient. But it’s crucial to understand melancholy as a synonym for all transient unnoticed emotions.

„…because the moment that brings you sadness may be fleeting, and in the very next moment you may be laughing again. Regrettably, both these moments today often go unnoticed by others“

“Street Melancholy” was awarded a honorable mention in the category “abstract vision” in the Black and White Photo Award 2024.

More about Stefans photography can be found here.

Photos © Stefan Czurda